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The Taurus G3 Review

The new generation of Taurus G-series pistols is finally here. And the G3 is the newest piece by Taurus. The G3 is a 4.0-inch barrel, three-dot sighs, semi-automatic 9mm pistol. This gun comes with an extensive base pad and two steel magazines: a 17-round magazine, and the 15-round version. This pistol is ideal for home defense is easily controllable. You have more than 30 rounds of ammo with the gun. With this ammunition reserve capacity, a trained shooter can defend their home successfully against any group of intruders. The G3 can also be concealed and carried around. The Taurus brand also makes 10-rounders of the G3 series; however, it is meant or restricted states.

The Taurus G3 has an ergonomic design; the grip of this gun will fit the hands perfectly. When firing, the stippled areas of the gun helps with the shooter. And the G3 is designed, so the thumb and forefinger have similar divots allowing easier trigger access. The thumb safety of this Taurus gun works effectively.

The Taurus G3 is available in different color finishes: matte black or the stainless steel version. This pistol is 7.3’’ long and weighs just about 25 ounces. The weight of this gun is light on the belt even after long hours. The G3 handles quickly.

The Taurus G3 features an ultra-modern light rail ideal for mounting combat lights. This light offers an aiming index and also provides illumination. The light can be set up for red laser only, white light only, or a mix of both. The sights of this Taurus piece are designed for fast combat shooting. These sights are snag-free and set low with three-dot inserts.

This Taurus gun has a similar size to the Glock 19 handgun. The Taurus G3 is identical to a Glock with standard spring-loaded levers on the frame releasing the slide. You can easily disassemble the G3 if you have ever disassembled a Glock.

The Taurus G3 is a single-action handgun, a feature distinguishing it from other polymer-frame striker-fired handguns. The G3 has a second-strike feature. If your first shot does not fire up the cartridge, then you can shot again with a long and heavy trigger squeeze. The trigger of this gun is easy to manage. You have to get used to it. The trigger compression of the Taurus G3 is manageable at around 5.7 pounds.

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